7FF 293: Why staying “small” could kill your house flipping or wholesaling business…


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Growth can be scary.

I hear from real estate investors all the time who want to keep their businesses “small” because they think it’s easier that way.

They think they’ll make more money if they do all the work on their own.

I used to believe this.

When I got into flipping houses, it was a side gig.

I was a “solopreneur.” I did all the work myself.

I was able to flip 1 or 2 houses per year at most.

But when I did the math…

…I was only earning about $10 to $12 per hour in my flipping business.

(Definitely NOT on the path to the income and freedom I wanted.)

I knew if I wanted more, I had to get out of my comfort zone.

I had to start treating my business like a BUSINESS.

But hiring a team, ramping up your marketing, systematizing your business… this stuff can seem complicated and intimidating at first.

So a lot of investors hold back…

…and as a result, they stay “small.”

If that’s where you’re at right now, I want to help you break through some of that uncertainty and hesitation.

On today’s episode of the podcast, I’m chatting with my friend Marina Sud, who’s story might sound familiar to a lot of investors reading this.

Her story is a lot like mine…

She got into wholesaling a few years ago.

And up until last year, she was “going it alone,” handling just about every aspect of the business herself.

But she wasn’t doing deals consistently…

And at one point, she ended up with just $100 to her name and nearly lost her own home.

She didn’t give up, though…

…and just over a year ago, she realized she needed to hire someone to fill in a major gap she was struggling with in her business.

The following year (this past year), she did 55 deals.

She’s on track to do even more this year.

And this is just the beginning… her business has COMPLETELY changed.

Today, we’re digging into her story and talking about what she went through to reach the growth trajectory she’s on now…

…and whether you’re new to real estate investing or you’ve been in this business for a while, there are some HUGE takeaways in here.

Listen in!

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Marina has been on the podcast before, back when Justin Williams was the host. If you want to listen to that interview (and see how things may have changed between then and now), click here!

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