7FF 294: How to STOP second-guessing yourself (and become a CONFIDENT entrepreneur)…


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The other day, one of our 7 Figure Runway members asked toget on a call with me.

He had some questions and wanted to talk through somenext steps.

I told him we could definitely get on a call…

…but it would be even better to do it as a podcast episode,so everyone can learn and benefit.

So that’s what we’re doing!

In today’s episode, I’m hanging out with Yhlas Kuliev anddigging into what he’s working on in his real estate investing business.

Yhlas has been involved in real estate since 2013.

It’s mainly been a “side gig” for him.

For most of that time, he’s been doing about 1 or 2 flipsper year, with each project taking about 6 months.

But after coming to Flip Hacking LIVE, his perspectivechanged…

…and today, he’s on the path to grow his hobby into afully systematized business.

That’s easier said than done, though.

And sometimes, we can get tempted to second guess ourplans and chase after “shiny objects.”

Listen in here!

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