7MS #349: Interview with Ameesh Divatia of Baffle


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Today's featured interview is with Ameesh Divatia, cofounder and CEO at Baffle. Baffle offers an interesting approach to data protection that they call data-centric protection, and the idea is you need to protect information at the record level, not just the sort of traditional approach of "encrypt at rest" and call it good.

Ameesh sat down with me to talk about a lot of high level data and security privacy concerns, specifically:

  • Data privacy - it seems like every 15 minutes there's yet another massive data breach. Why is this continuing to happen?
  • What are the basic security/privacy fundamentals that companies should be doing but, for whatever reason, are not?
  • GDPR
    • What does GDPR mean to the average person?
    • Why it was a data privacy wake-up call for so many?
    • Have there been any sizable fines issued thus far?
  • How can data that companies collect on us be processed in a way that doesn't compromise security?

Learn more about Baffle at their Web site and Twitter.

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