7MS #384: Creating Kick-Butt Credential-Capturing Phishing Campaigns


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In this episode I talk about some things I learned about making your own kick-butt cred-capturing phishing campaign and how to do so on the (relatively) quick and (relatively) cheap! These tips include:

  • Consider this list of top 9 phishing simulators.
  • Check out GoPhish!
  • Then spin up a free tier Kali AWS box
  • Follow the instructions to install GoPhish and get it running on your AWS box
  • Use the Expired Domains site to buy up a domain that is similar to your victim - maybe just one character off - but has been around a while and has a good reputation
  • Add a G Suite or O365 email account (or whatever email service you prefer) to the new domain
  • Create a convincing cred-capturing portal on GoPhish - I used some absolutely disguisting and embarassing HTML like this (see show notes on 7ms.us):
  • Use this awesome article to secure your fancy landing page with a LetsEncrypt cert!
  • Have fun!!!

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