80s Underground: 06.18.19


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RED ROCKERS "Fanfare for Metropolis" from Good As Gold 1983 ICICLE WORKS "Hollow Horse" from The Small Price of a Bicycle 1985 PSYCHEDELIC FURS "Here Come Cowboys" from Mirror Moves 1984 ROMEO VOID "Say No" from Instincts 1984 OINGO BOINGO "We Close Our Eyes" from Boi-Ngo 1987 REAL LIFE "The Longest Day" from Flame 1985 BOX OF TOYS "I'm Thinking of You Now" from 7" Single 1983 TREES "Shock of the New" from Sleep Convention 1982 HOODOO GURUS "Out That Door" from Blow Your Cool 1987 GRAPES OF WRATH "Do You Want to Tell Me?" from Now and Again 1989 R.E.M. "Driver 8" from Fables of the Reconstruction 1985 THE SPLIFFS "Never Say Goodbye" from House of Seven 1987 DREAMERS "Heart Attack" from DIY Album 1982 ADAM ANT "Friend or Foe" from Friend or Foe 2005 THE ENGLISH BEAT "Walk Away" from Wha'ppen? 1981 THE SPECIALS "Stupid Marriage" from The Specials 1980 SHRIEKBACK "Health and Knowledge and Wealth and Power" from Oil & Gold 1985 THE RED "Promises" from The Red - EP 1986 BLUE IN HEAVEN "In Your Eyes" from All The God's Men 1985 PLAY DEAD "This Side of Heaven" from Company of Justice 1985 JESUS & MARY CHAIN "Head On" from Automatic 1989 SHOP ASSISTANTS "Safety Net" from 12" Single 1986 STONE ROSES "I Wanna Be Adored" from The Stone Roses (request) 1989 PINK TURNS BLUE "Walk Away" from If Two Worlds Kiss 1987 THE THREE JOHNS "King Car" from World By Storm 1987 LEAVING TRAINS "10 Generations" from Kill Tunes 1986 THE MICE "Downtown" from For Almost Ever EP 1985 G.B.H. "Malice In Wonderland" from Oh No It's G.B.H. Again EP 1986 LAZY COWGIRLS "Anymore" from Lazy Cowgirls 1985

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