80s Underground: 07.09.19


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MISSION UK "Sacrilege" from God's Own Medicine 1986 CHAT SHOW "Kings of Confusion" from Single 1987 GENE LOVES JEZEBEL "Gorgeous" from The House of Dolls 1987 FAD GADGET "Lady Shave" from The Fad Gadget Singles 1981 PINK INDUSTRY "Don't Let Go" from Low Technology 1983 FRONT 242 "Headhunter" from Single 1988 A CERTAIN RATIO "Flight" from The Graveyard and the Ballroom 1980 OUR DAUGHTER'S WEDDING "Red Alert" from Digital Cowboy 1981 STRANGE ADVANCE "We Run" from 2WO 1985 ULTRAVOX "One Small Day" from Lament 1984 COCTEAU TWINS "Orange Appled" from Love's Easy Tears - EP 1986 THE CHURCH "Disenchanted" from Heyday 1985 BIG COUNTRY "Wonderland" from Single 1984 THAT PETROL EMOTION "It's a Good Thing" from Manic Pop Thrill 1986 GENTLEMEN AFTERDARK "Open the Door" from Open the Door - EP 1983 SPLIT ENZ "I Don't Wanna Dance" from Waiata 1981 EUROPEANS "The Animal Song" from Vocabulary 1983 TALK TALK "Dum Dum Girl" from It's My Life 1984 ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN "New Direction" from Echo & the Bunnymen 1987 CATERWAUL "Not Today" from Pin and Web 1989 BIG DIPPER "Ron Klaus Wrecked His House" from Supercluster 1987 SCRUFFY THE CAT "Tiger Tiger" from High Octane Revival 1986 THE PRIMITONS "All My Friends" from Don't Go Away: Collected Works 1985 JET BLACK BERRIES "Judas Tree" from Animal Necessity 1988 SCREAMING TRIBESMEN "Move a Little Closer" from Move a Little Closer 1984 DEL FUEGOS "It's Alright" from Boston, Mass. 1985 THE REPLACEMENTS "I'll Be You" from Don't Tell a Soul 1989

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