80s Underground: 08.27.19


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THE CHURCH "As You Will" from Heyday 1985 COCTEAU TWINS "Carolyn’s Fingers" from Blue Bell Knoll 1988 THE DAMNED "Grimly Fiendish" from Phantasmagoria 1985 THE MARCH VIOLETS "Deep" from Electric Shades 1985 THE FIXX "Stand Or Fall (live)" from Greatest Hits 1989 *request* U2 "The Three Sunrises" from Wide Awake In America EP 1985 FLESH FOR LULU "So Strong" from Flesh For Lulu 1984 DRAMARAMA "Out In the Rain" from Box Office Bomb 1987 DEEP SIX "Stay Right Here" from Deep Six 1986 WALL OF VOODOO "Far Side of Crazy" from Seven Days In Sammystown 1985 X "Motel Room In My Bed" from Under the Big Black Sun 1982 THE PIXIES "Bone Machine" from Surfer Rosa 1988 DUMPTRUCK "Going Nowhere" from For the Country 1987 MIRACLE LEGION "Wonderment" from Surprise Surprise Surprise 1987 GRAPES OF WRATH "O Lucky Man" from Treehouse 1987 LOVE TRACTOR "Buy me a Million Dollars" from Love Tractor 1982 IAN LOWERY GROUP "Need" from King Blank To 1989 SOUL ASYLUM "Cartoon" from Hang Time 1988 ORIGINAL MIRRORS "Boys Cry" from Original Mirrors 1980 XTC "Respectable Street" from Black Sea 1980 FACE OF CONCERN "Brighter Days" from Brighter Days - EP 1986 THE 77s "Do It for Love" from Seventy Sevens 1987 RHYTHM CORPS "Solidarity" from Paquet de Cinq - EP 2018 GAME THEPRY "Crash Into June" from The Big Shot Chronicles 1986 UNCLE GREEN "He's The Man" from You 1989 THE CONNELLS "Try" from Boylan Heights 1987 THE BALANCING ACT "She Doesn't Work Here" from Curtains 1988

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