80s Underground: 09.03.19


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ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN "Seven Seas" from Ocean Blue 1984 MARY GOES ROUND "The Night" from Sunset 1989 BALAAM & THE ANGEL "Two Into One" from The Greatest Story Ever Told 1986 CHAMELEONS UK "Swamp Thing" from Strange Times 1986 GARY NUMAN "My Dying Machine" from Berserker 1984 THE THOUGHT "Every Single Day" from The Thought 1985 JESUS & MARY CHAIN "Happy When It Rains" from Darklands 1987 EXPLODING WHITE MICE "Blaze of Glory" from 7" single 1987 M.I.A. "When It's Over" from After the Fact 1987 MANIC STREET PREACHERS "Suicide Alley" from Single 1988 BUZZCOCKS "Running Free?" from Parts One Two Three 1984 THE DICKIES "Stukas Over Disneyland" from Stukas Over Disneyland 1983 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS "Hits and Misses" from Go For It 1981 THE THREE O'CLOCK "I Go Wild" from Baroque Hoedown EP 1982 ROMEO VOID "Just Too Easy" from Instincts 1984 CROCODILE SHOP "April Reigns" from Head EP 1987 THE REPLACEMENTS "Left of the Dial" from Tim 1985 NATIONAL ANTHEM "Please Say Something" from Please Say Something - Single 1984 SPLIT ENZ "Take a Walk" from Time and Tide 1982 THE GO-BETWEENS "Was There Anything I Could Do?" from 16 Lovers Lane 1988 KIDS IN THE KITCHEN "Change In Mood" from Shine 1985 MINOR DETAILS "Canvas of Life" from Minor Detail 1983 A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS "(It's Not Me) Talking" from Listen 1983 NEW ORDER "Dreams Never End" from Movement 1981 THIS ETERNAL WAITING "The Prize" from Single 1986 FAD GADGET "The Box" from Fireside Favourites 1980 THE BAMBI SLAM "Happy Birthday (Yet Another)" from 12" Single 1987 BLUE AEROPLANES "Tolerance" from Tolerance 1986 THE WONDER STUFF "Don't Let Me Down, Gently" from Hup 1989 HOUSE OF LOVE "Real Animal" from Single 1987

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