Episode 91: WCW Thunder Debuts!


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On this episode of 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson, the subject is a crucial time period for WCW, and that is post Starrcade '97, into January 1998, and the first episode of their second major prime time TV show, WCW Thunder on TBS. Sting vs. the NWO and Hollywood Hogan was the main storyline at the time, and Thunder was the spot where some of the major plot points from the angle were going to take place. We have heard Eric and Conrad go at it over the Starrcade finish before, but what were Eric's thoughts going forward from there, and what will Conrad think about them?

Plus, Randy Savage leads the in ring action off, with a match against former big WCCW/UWF star Chris Adams, Rick Martel continues his new WCW run against former ECW star Louis Spicolli, Tenzan is in action, Ric Flair faces Chris Jericho, The Giant, Goldberg, The Steiner Bros., Konnan, Scott Hall, and in the main event for the US title, it's champion DDP vs. Kevin Nash, plus so much more!

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