Intersection: Orlando’s Sri Lankan Community Reacts To Bombings; Reflections On The Magic Season; Opera Orlando Focused On Growing Audience


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Sri Lanka is in a state of shock after last weekend’s bombings at churches and hotels. Authorities are blaming a Muslim extremist group for the attacks which killed and injured hundreds of people.

On this episode of Intersection we talk to members of Central Florida’s close-knit Sri Lankan community about the impact of the attacks on their sense of security, and next steps for the community as they they look to support friends and family back in Sri Lanka.

The Orlando Magic’s playoff series against the Toronto Raptors started strong… but didn’t play out the way fans had hoped. We’ll check in with basketball trainer Irwin Hudson for a conversation about where to next for the Magic and its long suffering fans.

And Opera Orlando is wrapping up its season- and gearing up for the next. Artistic director Gabe Preisser joins us for a conversation about taking the Opera out of the opera house and growing the audience.

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