Intersection: The Shutdown & The Space Coast; Ultima Thule Science; Parkland Documentary


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The partial federal shutdown is now in its 4th week, and over 95% of NASA’s workforce is furloughed. That’s having a big impact on Florida’s space coast where most of the 2,000 servants who work in the space industry are sitting idle.

On this episode of Intersection, we’re joined by 90.7’s space reporter Brendan Byrne and space policy analyst Laura Forczyk to explain what this shutdown means for the Kennedy Space Center and the private space industry as hundreds of workers go without paychecks and projects are delayed.

Then- planetary scientists are delving into the data from the New Horizons flyby of Ultima Thule. We’ll hear more about just what this BB-8 shaped asteroid about the size of the city of Orlando four billion miles away has to teach us.

And we talk to filmmaker Charlie Minn about his documentary focused on the survivors of the shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High school last year. ‘Parkland: Inside Building 12″ opens at Fashion Square Mall in Orlando and runs for a week beginning this Friday.

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