Season 3 Episode 35: Sierra Boggess


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I am so excited to welcome back Sierra Boggess to the podcast this week! She is a light in our industry and I absolutely love chatting with her. She shares some awesome stories from her recent experience at the Hollywood Bowl. We talk about anxiety and what being present in the moment really means. We talk about her belief that we should strive to take more responsibility and how ultimately that leads to more power. Check out Sierra’s Light Lessons!

Ready, Set, Action:

Before your next audition or performance:

Give yourself an extra few minutes and put on a song you absolutely love. Dance around, sing in your hairbrush, let go. Tap into your inner child and invite them out to play. Now allow the creative juices to keep flowing into your audition or show!

Today’s episode is sponsored by the Paradox Process and in this episode you get to hear how the Paradox Process has helped Sierra personally! The Paradox Process brings the conscious mind to present by eliminating negative emotions from the past, and clearing anxieties and worries about the future. Contact to set up a discounted first session! Join the Monday Night Paradox Process Group meets at 8pm in person or live stream! Learn more at

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