Season 3 Episode 36: Thomas Jones


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It’s the final episode of the season and I am so excited for you to hear this conversation! After having Thomas Jones on the show two other times this season I really feel that this is the perfect way to wrap up what we have been chatting about. We take a deep dive into getting out of your own way and giving yourself permission to reinvent yourself. You are not the person you were in the past. We discuss facts versus thoughts and how YOU are the creator of your own reality.

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Ready, Set, Action:

Think about the last time you were fulfilled and joyful. Close your eyes and remember the last time you were in absolute bliss and everything was going your way. Let it fill you with possibility, joy, and happiness. Do this 5 minutes a day for 5 days in a row. See how it affects you. Build positive possibilities. Live into it.

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