Episode 64 - Nicholas McInerny and the Rainbow Dads Podcast.


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This week I'm joined by the witty, warm and brilliant Mr Nicholas McInerny. Nicholas, along with the author David Ledain has put together a compelling set of podcasts where they chat to Gay and Bi men who had already become Dads but then had to come out to family, friends and their own children. Five men from very different backgrounds and with very different experiences and stories. I chat to Nicholas about his own coming out story and how he manoeuvred through the ups and downs of coming out later in life. We talk about his writing for theatre and radio and the influence pop culture has played on his life - Via Bowie and trips to the Burning Man Festival. I truly have loved listening to the podcasts and urge you, once you have listened to us chat, go over and check out/download/subscribe and rate 'Rainbow Dads'. I hope you enjoy listening to our conversation as much as I enjoyed recording it! Its available on all the usual platforms - I listen via Apple Podcast. Couple of links - https://twitter.com/Rainbowdads https://rbd2019.podbean.com/

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