BS Podcast: Who Pill Shames People with Mental Illness?


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Anyone with mental illness who has spent any time on social media has encountered pill shaming. A common example is a beautiful picture of a nature scene with the words, “The only anti-depressant you need” boldly pasted across the top.

Whether you are in an online or in-person support group or talking to your friends, if you are a person taking psychiatric medications, you have probably encountered pushback. Some of these people are confused, some well-meaning, and some pushing their own agendas, but one message comes through to people with mental illness: You are different for taking medications.

In this episode, Gabe and Michelle discuss pill shaming openly and honestly. They cover what exactly it is, why it happens, and how it makes them feel. They even discuss how they have pill shamed themselves.

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Highlights from ‘Mental Illness Pill Shaming’ Episode

[1:00] Is all mental illness pill shaming malicious?

[4:00] How many Americans have taken psychiatric medications?

[6:00] Are psychiatric medications over-prescribed in America?

[12:00] Michelle’s story of being pill shamed by professionals.

[14:00] Michelle’s story of flipping out at the pharmacy.

[16:00] The struggles of picking up controlled substances.

[18:00] Idiots who pill shame people with mental illness using pictures of nature.

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