Help! I’m Mentally Ill and I Want to Act Normal


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Normal. It’s one of those words that we all pretend to understand, but honestly, none of us really do. People living with mental illness are usually striving to be normal, or act normal, or feel normal – but how do we know when we’ve succeeded? What is normal?

In this episode of A Bipolar, a Schizophrenic, and a Podcast, Gabe and Michelle discuss the various ways that people living with mental illness typically react to different events in their lives versus the way people living without mental illness may react.

In every scenario, our hosts talk about mistakes they’ve made, do-overs they’d like to have, and in some cases question whether the typical reaction is really all that reasonable to begin with.

Highlights from ‘Normal’ Episode

[1:30] Gabe and Michelle are discussing “Normal” Reactions vs. How People with Mental Illness React.

[2:15] What Michelle was first taught about Mental Illness. Gabe explains the accurate definitions.

[4:50] “Normal” person vs. mentally ill person: Reactions to a mistake at work

[6:30] “Normal” person vs. mentally ill person: Friends cancel plans on them

[7:50] “Normal” person vs. mentally ill person: How to make their momma happy

[9:20] “Normal” person vs. mentally ill person: Losing a lacrosse game

[14:00] “Normal” person vs. mentally ill person: How to be successful at school

[20:00] Exploring the different ways we grieve death before and after recovery.

[23:00] How should we react? Is there a correct way?

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