Should We Apologize for Symptoms of Mental Illness?


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“Mistakes are part of life” is something that some older relative tells every single child after they’ve messed something up. Generally, this advice is followed up with, “It’s how you react to the mistake that matters.”

Gabe Howard’s father taught him to apologize whenever he did something wrong, believing that it was important to own the mistake and make amends for it. “You can’t ask for forgiveness if you aren’t willing to make it right,” his father said. In true blue collar fashion, he would follow up with, “The mark of a good man is his willingness to say he’s sorry.”

But, what happens when the mistake isn’t something you chose to do? What if, during depression, mania, or hallucination, you made a mistake or hurt someone?

Are people with mental illness expected to apologize for mistakes caused by an illness? In this episode of A Bipolar, A Schizophrenic, and a Podcast, Gabe and Michelle discuss this and much more.

Highlights from ‘Apologizing for Mental Illness’ Episode

[1:00] Michelle shares a story about a romantic argument.

[4:00] Gabe explains what he thinks about caretaking.

[7:00] Honestly, Michelle is just losing her shit.

[8:30] Should you apologize after you freak out?

[12:45] Gabe and Michelle’s working relationship is . . .

[18:00] Michelle’s delayed dating due to schizophrenia.

[21:00] Michelle has fear of success?

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