Why People With Mental Illness Should Remove Toxic People From Their Life


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Living with mental illness means accepting that some things are out of our control. It also means tolerating annoyances like pillboxes, regular doctor visits, and the symptoms we just can’t quite get under control.

But, does living with mental illness mean we have to keep toxic people around us? Do we, as people who are managing a severe and persistent illness, just have to take the abuse that people heap on us because at least we aren’t alone?

In this episode, Gabe & Michelle explore tolerating toxic people and whether or not it’s a good idea. Listen now!

Highlights from ‘Toxic People and Mental Illness’ Episode

[1:00] Michelle and Gabe talk about toxic people. [3:30] Michelle shares how her mental illness improved after removing a toxic person from her life.

[14:30] Gabe tells a story of removing a toxic person from his life to improve his mental illness outcomes.

[25:00] A touching story from someone who loves this podcast.

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