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The Canadian Celiac Association successfully presented two virtual conferences in 2020 and is now gearing up for the 2021 Conference. I speak with Nicole Byrom RD from the CCA who is organizing the conference. This conference will be somewhat different from all other CCA conferences in the past, in that of the two days, November 13th and 14th, the first day will be geared towards those who have been diagnosed for two years or less. The second day will focus on information for those who have been diagnosed longer than two years. Certainly, anyone is welcome to join either day, but I find it intriguing that this distinction was made. You can find out more about the conference, the speaker lineup and how to register by going to the CCA website and clicking on News & Events where you’ll find the Conference information listed - https://www.celiac.ca/news-events/national-conference/

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