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Did your midlife crisis cause you to buy a red convertible, bleach your hair and get an earring? No, that was Kimberly’s dad. Well, this Dateline episode will help you feel so much better about all of your questionable life decisions. That excessive self tanning experiment you may have tried has nothing on BREAKOUT! It involves a prison escape, multiple trips to Walmart, a doggy delivery van and Queen Andrea Canning asking the hard hitting, no nonsense questions while social distancing in freezing cold middle America. Kimberly and Katie delve into the mind of the most fascinating Toby since Dunder Mufflin's most notable HR representative. So grab your teenager snacks, check your notifications for prison escapees in your area and enjoy this wild ride of an episode from A Date with Dateline!

Official Description from NBCU: When a Kansas prisoner escapes in a van driven by a wife and mother who volunteers at the prison, investigators scramble to track down the pair. Andrea Canning reports.

This episode is dedicated to Patronus KAREN B! A good Karen that has saved the name of all Karens everywhere! We appreciate your generosity and support with all of our hearts! Thank you, Karen!

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