Double Date: Blood Relatives S.2 Ep.4 -Flesh and Blood


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It's Friday which means it's time for another installment from ID Network's Blood Relatives- The Florida Files. Some may recognize the case of the Kynes from the ADWD patreon coverage of this wild story. For the rest of you, hold on to your Cheeto dust covered seat because it's a real who done it as both the detectives and Kimberly and Katie try to figure out who actually committed the heinous murder of doting mother Diane. Other than the usual symbolic creature and the focus on a series of household objects that mean everything (or nothing), FLESH AND BLOOD ask us perhaps the most important question of all... When all the tomorrows have become yesterdays, do the yesterdays become the secret to the future of our tomorrows? Yep, that's what we thought. Orange you glad its time for another A Date with BLOOD RELATIVES?!

Official Description from INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY: Two members of the same family call police to accuse each other of murder.

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