Double Date: Blood Relatives S.4 Ep.1 -Fresh Heir


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Kimberly and Katie continue on their journey of unraveling the many mysteries behind the ID Network show BLOOD RELATIVES. The crimes, the themes, the random assortment of objects... is it all related? Probably not. But we are in too deep now to not see it through to the end. The Season 4 opener "Fresh Heir" revolves around the murder of a wealthy Houston couple who are murdered in cold blood while they slept. K & K hardly know where to begin. With the clams? The unbreakable ceramic figurines? The incredibly foreboding home office decor? With the snappy PI who is taking down bad guys in the blink of an eye? No, they should probably start with a strong warning to anyone with a crippling fear of spiders. A somewhat hairy eight legged creature named Orvill makes his screen debut in this episode much to the chagrin of Kimber. So grab a slice of pie or string up that giant blanket loom and ask yourself one very important question. Are you Red-y for more Blood Relatives? Of course, you are.

ID NETWORK: Blood Relatives

Season 4

Episode 1 - Fresh Heir

Official Description from INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY: In Houston, TX, a lawyer and his large family enjoy the high life until one of them gets too greedy and sparks a multigenerational war that ends in murder.

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