Double Date: Blood Relatives S.4 Ep.13 -You'll Be the Death of Me


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In this week’s Double Date we’re heading down to Texas, where a man is Saran Wrapped to a table. But don’t worry, he likes it? Hopefully? This Blood Relatives season 4 finale from ID NETWORK involves a tragic murder, a frozen yoghurt shoppe, a beetle with a terrifying name, a special club that rivals Master Bob's dungeon and the color orange. How does it all tie together? Just leave that to K & K who have made it their life's goal decipher these enigmatic episodes even if it gets them in trouble with the Illuminati. Please enjoy this very special Double Date After Dark episode!

Blood Relatives

Season 4, Episode 13 You'll Be the Death of Me

Official Description from ID NETWORK: A blended family lives in harmony until jealousy leads to murder.

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