The Disappearance of Debbie Hawk S.18 Ep.55


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In honor of Father’s Day, Kimberly and Katie dipped into the Dateline Vault on PEACOCK and found the most caring, honest, and non-murdery father ever seen on a Dateline! Also, he totally got along with Keith Morrison and they became best friends making plans to have BBQ's together in their best khaki Dad shorts. FALSE. Keith really lets this bad Dad have it in an indignant interview battle the likes of which we rarely see (also khaki shorts? Keith? Probably not). Prepare to meet Dave, a man with the Tom Selleckian mustache that ever mustached and just quite possibly the most unlikeable person to ever appear on Dateline. Kimber and Katya are outraged right along their lean king and are ready to talk about it. So have a tasteful cheers and some cheese on the patio and settle in for this very special vintage coverage of THE DISAPPEARANCE OF DEBBIE HAWK!

Official Description from NBCU: A father is accused of stealing money from his children's trust funds and murdering his ex-wife to cover up his crimes. Keith Morrison reports.

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