Ep 38 - Don’t Give Up On Your Lockdown Pup.


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Dog Behaviourist & Author, Sarah Whitehead is back to talk to us about all our lockdown puppies and her campaign #lockdownpup4life. Helping dog parents and their pups so they don’t end up having life long behaviour issues, in shelters or worse. Sarah is giving us brilliants tips on how to help them through their teenage phase. Why are our lockdown pups different from others? Why is toilet training taking longer? Also, tips on recall, how to stop barking at night (and during the day), mouthing, biting, and so much more.

Support Sarah’s Campaign by using the #lockdownpup4life

Sarah’s free copy of her adolescent survival guide:

Sarah’s Thinkific link:

Looking for a Clever Dog Company trainer? Check this link:

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