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A restful night of sleep is key to every aspect of our lives. From focus, health, energy, hormones, mood, drive, clarity, relationships.. we can keep the list going. I say mindset is everything but without proper rest, it’s truly nothing. When you get a restful night of sleep it is a game changer. You may be reading this and struggle with sleep. Maybe you even struggle with insomnia. When I used to work overnight hours, I was deprived of sleep and felt major repercussions because of it. My goal is to share things with you that have truly helped me. I gave you a list of tips for improved sleep in a previous episode (15) but I bring the subject back. This time I interview the sleep expert himself, Dr. Rick Swartzburg D.C. He’s created a product that changed my life three years ago. If you need tips for better sleep, episode 52 is calling your name! Discount Code: daphne10

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