How to Solve Your Personal Health Puzzle with Susan Neal RN


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Today's special guest, Susan U. Neal, RN, MBA, MHS, is an author, speaker, and certified health and wellness coach whose background in nursing and health services led her to seek new ways to educate and coach people to overcome health challenges. She published six healthy living books including 7 Steps to Get Off Sugar and Yoga for Beginners. Her passion and mission is to inspire others to reclaim their health. Have you tried to decrease your weight and improve your health without success? Or maybe you lost weight but gained it back. Don’t allow frustration to take over. This journal will help you make and maintain healthy lifestyle changes. During the next six weeks, commit to spend a few minutes daily recording your eating choices and how your body responds. With time you will see how different foods affect you physically and emotionally. As you record and reflect in this journal, you will begin to solve your personal health puzzle. As you discover each new puzzle piece, you will learn how to make your body feel good again. Each day you’ll record water and food intake, exercise, energy level, and corresponding moods. Through journaling you will discover more about yourself and any negative eating patterns, draw closer to God, and experience better health. Live life in all its fullness, not in a worn-out, sick body. So let’s determine the root causes and solutions for your ill health or excessive weight so you can experience a more abundant life as you: · feel and look better · increase your energy · sharpen your clarity of mind · identify and eliminate unhealthy behaviors · lose weight naturally without fad diets, prepared meals, or supplements Reclaim the abundant life you want to experience. Your body will thank you.

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