Ep. 200- WOOHOO... With Rashan Jones


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Episode 200- WOOHOO... With Rashan Jones Hey there and Thank You sooooo much for tuning in. This episode is a huge milestone for the show and I couldn't have done it without the sponsors, guests and listeners like YOU!! It's truly an honor to have a platform to share my voice within a culture and industry that inspires me everyday. These last 200-episodes have been an amazing journey filled with fun conversations about life not just glass. Every glass artist takes their own path but the obstacles along the journey we all share through the thousands of hours spent repeating the same technique over and over again. To date this show has shared the stage with 85-guests ranging from a mad scientist to a lawyer to a super green lampworker. I hope the next 200-episodes share the same joy and inspire you to continue to grow and learn in and out of the studio. Your'e a Rock Star!! Thank You for Listening. -Jason Michael Contact me anytime @ WYZGUYMEDIA@GMAIL.COM LISTEN TO THE PODCAST ANYWHERE ALONG WITH THE FIRST 100-EPISODES LISTEN NOW THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS MOUNTAIN GLASS ARTS www.mountainglass.com/sales THE FLOW MAGAZINE www.theflowmagazine.com/subscriptions USE PROMO CODE "WYZGUY"FOR 10% OFF YOUR ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION FOR ALL NEW SUBSCRIBERS Help support the show by becoming a WyzA$$ For as little as $12.00/year you can help the show grow by affording giveaways, travel expenses for exclusive show content and video lessons. Only available through the shows Patreon page. SUPPORT

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