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Creating and maintaining healthy habits is often the biggest lever that we can pull to affect our health and happiness, but it can be an incredibly difficult process to change our behavior and create those lasting habits. Through her medical training and research, Dr. Kyra Bobinet has begun helping people to close the gap between the brain and behavior through behavioral neuroscience design. She shares her wisdom about how staying in effort can lead us to turn our healthy habits into automation.

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • Dr. Bobinet’s journey into becoming a behavior designer as she followed her curiosity
  • How to move our good intentions into being habits
  • The two big things people get wrong when building new habits
  • Why she says that no one changes alone
  • What she found in her research about what makes change stick

Kyra Bobinet, MD MPH, is a behavior neuroscience designer specializing in behavior change. As CEO/founder of engagedIN, Dr. Bobinet designs large-scale health and wellness products that impact hundreds of millions globally. She has an MD from UCSF School of Medicine, an MPH from Harvard School of Public Health and is consulting faculty at Stanford School of Medicine. Recipient of the 2015 Harvard TH Chan Innovator Award and designer of a patented clinical algorithm, her team is currently developing a habit engine AI for their Fortune 10 customer.


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