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Healing journeys can be incredibly stressful, but important events in our lives. Dr. Brenda Walding experienced her own protracted healing journey and she shares with us how the true healing began when she started to slow down and receive her own internal guidance, despite not fully understanding how to do so. By getting vulnerable and tuning into natural elements of her body and the world, Dr. Walding found the power of connecting with other women in sacred healing in order to find coherence.

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • Her decade-long healing journey and the “Divine Whisper” that lead her to listen to her heart rather than her head
  • What the initial steps and resources were as she started learning to trust her heart
  • How she learned to distinguish the voice coming from her intuitive heart
  • Background on HeartMath and how it relates to the teachings of Chinese medicine

Dr. Brenda Walding is a Women’s Holistic Wellness & Empowerment Coach, Doctor of Physical Therapy and specializes in supporting and empowering women to truly heal and thrive. She is the author of Sick of Being Sick: The Women’s Holistic Guide to Conquering Chronic Illness, as well as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner and HeartMath Certified Coach.

She currently resides outside of Austin, Texas on the beautiful Lake Travis with her husband and dog. Brenda loves spending time in nature, connecting with her family and friends, dancing, facilitating sacred women's circles, and learning about holistic wellness and spirituality.

Get a free electronic copy of Dr. Walding’s new book, Sick of Being Sick: The Woman's Holistic Guide to Conquering Chronic Illness. She’s also offering a complimentary consult that you can schedule at www.brendwalding.com


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