Yin and Yang of Power


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Power is a complicated structure. With dimensions relating to both the yin and yang, those different aspects of power ultimately support and amplify each other. If we want to feel more powerful and reinforce that feeling for those around us, it starts with self-care.

As Audre Lorde put it, self-care can be a political act that expresses our own power outwardly. It also enables us to nurture our relationships. How we take care of ourselves is at the root of our power of presence and the energy that we show up with in the world to help amplify the power of others.

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • Why presumptions of capability can shape feelings of power
  • The feedback loop between how we take care of ourselves and how we feel
  • How aligning outward actions with inward values strengthens both
  • The importance of your environment in amplifying your power


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