The Power of Posture


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When I say the word “posture,” do you immediately feel your body tense and gravitate to an unnatural, uncomfortable position? We often hear this advice about maintaining a rigid posture with certain key elements, but Sukie Baxter joins us to discuss why those misconceptions of posture are harmful and how she defines it instead. Sukie tells us that the way we move our bodies is the way we move through life and that finding a healthy posture is often the key to pain relief and healthy aging.

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • The benefits of addressing movement dysfunction before we’re in pain and some key warning signs
  • How to use your body to talk to your mind
  • Why we should pay attention to the cues we get from our body, both good and bad, and ways to respond to those cues
  • The relationship between posture and breath as well as keys to using breath as an assessment tool for the body
  • Sukie’s practices for resilient posture and some of the common advice she gives to her clients

Sukie Baxter is a Posture and Movement Specialist, the author of Perfect Posture for Life and the mastermind behind Whole Body Revolution, an informational resource for posture, pain relief and healthy aging. Sukie helps people change their lives by changing the way they move.


Perfect Posture For Life by Sukie Baxter

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