DOOM METAL NEW RELEASES - November/December 2021


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Welcome to "Doom Metal Week" here at The Mighty Decibel as we celebrate the year in doom metal. We'll top off the week by naming our fave doom albums of the year. It's Monday, so it's time for our NEW RELEASE MONDAYS podcast series. This edition we're focusing on Doom Metal where we spotlight new and upcoming releases in doom metal/rock, including stoner of course. This episode we look at November and December 2021 releases. We're all doomed! (0:00) "Rebirth (Death)" SHADOWS TALLER THAN SOULS - Doom Punk (4:40) "Remission of Sins" PHANTOM DRUID - The Downward Slope (9:50) "Left Arm" PREHISTORIC PIGS - The Fourth Moon (15:10) "Consume The Remains " DOOMSDAY PROFIT - In Idle Orbit (19:42) "CVLZD Worms" DRYWEED - La Siembra (25:12) "Grimelord" MERLOCK - You Cannot Be Saved (30:10) "Living Pyre" KHEMMIS - Deceiver (35:40) "Welcome To Rot" SWAMP COFFIN - Noose Almighty (43:10) "Sativa" WAX BRAIN - Hive Mind (46:20) "Solar Mantra" SOLAR MANTRA - Away (53:10) "In Search of Soul" TWIN SERPENTS - Smoke and Mirrors

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