5 ways to get back into the kitchen, and it starts by sitting with cows (+VIDEO)


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want to download this VIDCAST? simply copy this link: http://youtu.be/4DZhDYs_4tw and then click here and paste the link food, glorious food! would it be as mouth-watering exciting if we really knew where it came from and how it was prepared? isn't knowledge suppose to be empowering? watch wes and ryan share the camera with cows as they talk about a subject we all deal with on a daily basis: food. florida man arrested for feeding the homeless article A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on fast food natural disasters effect on food supply Colon cleansing to eliminate toxins from body Hydroponics list of countries that have banned gmos guide to juice cleansing 80/20 rule jamie oliver’s ted talk about sugar consumption in public school milk the secrets of sugar documentary psychology in food marketing victory gardens reaction to senate bill 510, food safety modernization act article on gmos suffocating the soil A HUMAN PROJECT podcast about conspiracy theories and using food as a weapon barack obama speech excerpt that went viral on stay at home moms barack obama’s full speech on women working outside of home A HUMAN PROJECT podcast about living in a too busy society the value of a stay at home mom A HUMAN PROJECT podcast about the honor of being a housewife A HUMAN PROJECT podcast about dealing with shame dr. saul: add/adhd doesn’t exist A HUMAN PROJECT podcast about overuse of medications and diagnosis woman talking “natural” and “farm-fresh” food facts and marketing techniques modules from superhuman.life other interesting links & references by natalie upton sinclair’s book the jungle was a revolutionary act published in 1906 at the tail end of america’s industrial era to make the public aware of what they were consuming. this led to ingredient labeling and guidelines under the pure food and drug act on the food that was being packaged and consumed on a more integrative level. i am a foodie but I also believe in practical yet healthy recipes for my family. recently I shared some of these thoughts on the subject of healthy eating from our fast food episode. in hungry for change, the focus is more on juicing and raw food, but the key to the effect food has on a person was beautifully summed up in the end of the documentary. go to foodmatters.tv to learn more. the truth about your food and forks over knives offers a very stark, honest look at our food we consume, especially fast food eating effecting the very being of humans. there’s also fat, sick, and nearly dead, jamie oliver’s food revolution and diary of a foodie.

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