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how much is too far before it becomes inappropriate? who decides? chad nash joined wes and ryan in today’s podcast giving us an excellent example in the art of debate. from chad nash’s perspective, we all have been given remote controls over our life and he has control of his, we have control of ours. currently residing in amsterdam while pursuing a journey of traveling all over the place and not being tied down anywhere has given chad a less-grounded approach to life, which he sees as a form of empowerment as he pursues his life purpose. this is a completely different approach that ryan and wes have taken with their own life purpose and goals, opening up a compelling discussion about one’s pursuits and passions. chad asked, “why are people complaining when they’re in control of the remote?” referring to the “negative nancys” in social media that seem to pick fights at every moral opportunity. the whole point of the debate in today’s podcast was to express one’s opinion, take it or leave it, but seeing that having a conversation helps one to see more of the full picture. unfortunately, social media only gives a glimpse which can then lead to controversy and flocks of followers choosing one aspect of what was worded. the conclusion of the debate in today’s podcast is that everyone’s talking about the same ideas, just worded in a different way. the pursuit of life is the pursuit of happiness, and everyone’s pursuit is an individual experience where we create the culture we want to live in. it’s good that we have differing perspectives, but it can also be handled respectfully in a civilized conversation. that’s the true art of debate; dealing with issues that gets people to talk, but not losing control of one’s own emotions that we no longer see the human being behind the idea because we’re too internalized on our own desire to be considered right. sometimes there’s no “right” and “wrong;” just HUMAN beings being true to themselves. links to check out: wayne dyer excerpt about “when you change the way you look at things” wes chapman’s post 8/2/14 from facebook about racism, being homophobic, and nudity line A HUMAN PROJECT podcast about when things go viral on social media greg reid article about hard work in the entrepreneur world what you put out there is what you get quotes modules from

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