how to have an opinion as a white person on being black


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is it possible for a person with one skin pigment to talk about another person with a different skin pigment and not be considered racist? why are we still plagued with a person's skin color being their only definition or identity? it's stopping society from having a conversation. we find a situation where a few do something that we categorize all as their belief, and it doesn't allow progress from happening. especially once we see race before the individual. if we could help heal humans from labeling, we can help others from feeling oppressed, inferior, and entitled to act the way they do. everybody thinks everybody else has more privileges than others, but if we get rid of the entitlement, we can move forward. links to check out: redskins football team controversy over name paula deen was baited to have said the "n" word on interview A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on stereotypes and labeling A HUMAN PROJECT podcast in which we are all racist, even the victims of racism A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on the 2014 black friday pop vs soda map $2.50/day average living throughout the world for a family of four remember the titans, "left side, strong side" A HUMAN PROJECT podcast with chad nash A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on communication modules from other interesting links & references by Natalie while taking an english methods course to attain my bachelor's degree, I came upon a statement about understanding vs. agreeing, paraphrased as "we all need to understand, but that doesn't mean that we also need to agree." just because we understand something doesn't mean that we agree with what that person is doing, but it does provide clarity. based on a true story, in the movie freedom writers, hilary swank's character is able to eventually bring her students together by starting a messy conversation. if I were to give you an action step, i'd say go watch freedom writers in its entirety before following through on wes and ryan's action steps. It will give you more perspective.

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