how to save a life by having a conversation about depression


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there's just something about the holidays that bring out the true nature of a person. not only that, it's enhanced, so if someone is naturally depressed because of situations in life, that depression can become almost overwhelming come the holidays. what happens when it's just too much to take anymore? everyone has the capability to be sad and has experienced sadness in some way in their life. but, there's a big difference between having sadness like the blues rather than depression; depression is when it starts to hurt a person's soul. the #1 thing you can do if you have somebody in your family that is struggling: go on a walk and use your ears, not your mouth. weather, food, and the stress of performing the part for the holidays becomes very very stressful for someone overwhelmed with depression. links to check out: upworthy article during world suicide prevention day A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on the power of words A HUMAN PROJECT podcast of how doctors are murdering children prescription drug side effects true or false: suicide rates increase during holiday season self-sabotage journal therapy modules from

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