second chance on leftover rice- should ray rice play or should he go?


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are you the type of person that likes to have leftovers? what about the figurative type of leftovers, like toxic relationships that keep coming back? like ray rice's domestic violence? but what about leftovers in the form of getting a second chance after making a mistake by picking up the pieces? if done correctly, everyone deserves a second chance. ray rice has an opportunity to admit that domestic violence is a real issue and needs to be addressed so that all that energy is going towards change in the right direction. making a comeback is a good thing, and it teaches others that they can change their path. if we remain victims, we will never heal. links to check out: A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on ray rice and domestic violence nfl roger goodall botching domestic violence by crucifying ray rice A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on shame and talking about michael vick getting over it second chance program mission statement battered woman syndrome psa from nfl players at "it's something hard to talk about." A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on using the right words to describe something jimmy johnson statement that arizona cardinals should get ray rice A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on racism and unrest in ferguson A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on recent ferguson violence brandon marshall's comeback as personality disorder spokesperson after getting help A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on bill cosby battered husbands modules from

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