sportsmanship- how jameis winston is ruining sports


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is sportsmanship dying? are the celebrations of touchdowns and goals being taken too far as gloating becomes an art form? whatever happened to playing the game for the self-gratification sake of simply playing the game? sports were initially built on a platform of enjoyment not competition of creating winners and losers. somewhere a long the line we are overarching the concept of what it means to be a winner. so how is this impacting the youth in your area? links to check out: browns vs bengals running back comment jameis winston indian soccer player (ryan called him turkish) dies after celebratory somersault for a goal marshawn lynch payton manning utah quarterback loses game for play-offs wes's "25" speech terrell owens tom brady ochocinco touchdown celebrations reggie bush adrian peterson barry sanders leaving nfl sportsmanship definition google search psychology of getting kids to be active modules from

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