where have all the leaders gone? are you looking for a new leader?


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is a nation only as strong as its leaders? should a leader be expected to take on the responsibility of his or her nations failures and successes? who are our leaders now that do something for a strong purpose? do they even exist, anymore? to become a strong leader one needs to rise up above the norm. who are some of your favorite leaders? links to check out: defining leadership george washington benjamin franklin joe de sena gary vaynerchuk winston churchill leadership leadership lessons from martin luther king, jr microwave generation baseball steroids scandal A HUMAN PROJECT podcast on sportsmanship A HUMAN PROJECT podcast about ray rice getting a second chance pop culture's place in the oval office "i can't breathe" video of eric garner A HUMAN PROJECT podcast about american presidents opposition to i can't breathe campaign A HUMAN PROJECT podcast with joe de sena inteview, part 1 spartan up! podcast modules from superhuman.life other interesting links & references by natalie in the documentary america: imagine the world without her, dinesh d'souza talks about the strong leaders from our past that helped us create the idea of america. he asks thought-provoking questions like where we would be if general george washington was killed during the revolutionary war and never became president? what if john wilkes booth didn't shoot abraham lincoln?

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