My Stepfather's Secret Is a Confusing Explanation of Cryptocurrency


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If Les, Kurt, and Jason are speaking faster, that's because world-jetsetter Les has somehwhere else to be that doesn't involve a cocktail party being thrown in his honor. So after some Blac Chyna news and a very very short Loughlin Report, the guys dive right into Lifetime's My Stepfather's Secret, a movie that takes a lotto ball machine full of plot points and spits out a mix of geology, murder, cryptocurrency, good old-fashioned gaslighting, and even income inequality (at nearly the very last possible moment of the movie). The VERY last moment of the movie really got under Jason's skin in the same way that pouring sounds get under Kurt's, Before that, though, Kurt's mom (almost) makes a visit to the show not long after Les explains the many Carlys of General Hospital.

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