The Good Witch Travels via a Pumpkin Kayak Careening Towards Catherine Bell and Jamie Denton


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This Halloween, Les Kurkendaal-Boo-ret, Kurt Frightzpatrick, and Jason Boo-wers tackle Les' biggest fear: watching a Hallmark movie he didn't like (even though he's the one that picked it). That movie is "Good Witch: Curse from a Rose," and it's not really a movie as much an episode of a long-running series neither Kurt nor Les knew existed. Before diving into the movie, though, the guys celebrate Felicity Huffman's early release from prison and ponder what's next from Lori Loughlin (with help from Wendy Williams seemingly large network of prison sources). Kurt has some Blac Cyna news (obviously), and then they get into the movie which was not quite the witch movie Les was hoping for despite letting one weigh in on the sex appeal of both Eric Roberts and Frankenstien's monster. The movie is certainly no Bewitched starring Elizabeth Montgomery, nor is it Bewitched starring Elizabeth Warren. But it does manage to include a kid that repeatedly c**kblocks his dad, a search for a Loch Ness monster-type creature, and Jason's new favorite YouTube obsession: PEOPLE KAYAKING IN PUMPKINS. Wonder no more if aromatherapy is witchcraft because the answer is YES.

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