This Christmas with a Prince You're Getting a Secret Broken Leg and Backstage Passes to Meet Genevieve Fisher


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Les, Kurt, and Jason deliver some Blac Chyna and Lori Loughlin news, but they waste no time dissecting Hallmark's Christmas with a Prince, a movie so bad that Les didn't care about the missed opportunity for a makeover montage, Kurt's wish of the movie ending came true just in time, and Jason made a face after a line of dialogue so cringe-worthy that you've got to see it to believe it (on Instagram @lifetimeofhallmarkpodcast). But despite it's shortcomings, this movie takes giant swings for a Hallmark movie, most notably its level of hordoggedness (including a round of TRUTH OR DARE between adults and children cancer patients). So take a single sip of warm bear, kick up your broken leg that nobody's allowed to know about, and try to enjoy the ensuing career defining performance of a singer you've likely never heard of unless you're Canadian.

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