Vivica A. Fox Gets Stalked by The Wrong Child and His Insanely Large (Secret) Cameras


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Les and Kurt regale Jason (and all of us) with stories of their very eventful week in Indianapolis and the consequences of wearing a tiny backpack into a museum stacked with overzealous security. The guys also offer a brief Blac Cyna report of her real first name (hint: it's not as suspenseful a reveal as last week's Gilligan bombshell). Then, they finally welcome Lifetime's The Wrong Child into your homes, though it takes him a while to get into the house because he's walking so. very. slow. You'd walk slow, too, if you had Paul Lynde as your white trash dad! But at least it will give you time to do some serious financial planning (what else is Lifetime for, after all?), learn about secret DNA testing best practices, and thoughtful vandalism that won't cause any damage to your Airbnb. The one still answered question: how does one bring an entire hidden camera crew to the scene of a crime if one doesn't have a car? Only Jody from Family Affair knows.

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