A Little Too Quiet: Author Michael Zadoorian (The Narcissism of Small Differences)


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We're chatting Michael Zadoorian, author of The Leisure Seeker. (You may have even heard, or seen, the recent film adaptation of that story, starring Helen Mirren & Donald Sutherland). Zadoorian has a new book coming out this May, The Narcissism of Small Differences (Akashic Books). Zadoorian creates compelling characters in the slow-motion throes of big changes to their lives, and the relatable ways in which they bond, or have bonded, with cultural artifacts of a steadily fading past. He invites you into their worlds and builds them out with accessible narration that builds a world for the reader to inhabit, leading us to reflect on our own little worlds, and what we hold on to, and the permanence of what we treasure.

Zadoorian will be at the Ferndale Library on May 14, for a Book Launch Party. http://www.michaelzadoorian.com/

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