A Little Too Quiet: Library History & Sci Fi Lit with Kevin Deegan-Krause


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For our local audience here in Ferndale, we have some insights into the history of the Ferndale Library over the last 20 years, but for broader audiences, this is a discussion about how libraries are surviving and thriving even while some had predicted their demise. Libraries couldn't survive and thrive without the support of their community, and that's what we're chatting about with Kevin Deegan-Krause, Associate Professor of Political Science at Wayne State University, and former President of the Ferndale Library Board of Trustees--an integral advocate for getting this library renovated 10 years ago.

For Sci-Fi literature fans, and for those who have always been curious about trying out that genre, we also talk about the Sci-Fi Book Club that Deegan-Krause facilitates here at the Ferndale Library.

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