A Promise Unveiled | Lesson 2


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“I wish I could help you,” is perhaps the most frustrating of sympathies.

I know people are often genuine when they say it. But somehow highlighting the fact that they cannot only makes me feel more alone in my struggle. Like, it’s nice that you want to help me, but please either figure out how to or do not draw attention to the fact that you cannot.

And if Jesus had looked around at a hurting humanity and said, “I wish I could help you,”—well, if He had done that, then I’d be out. We’d all be out.

Jesus’ humility and humanity allow Him to sympathize with us in our weakness. We have a Great High Priest who understands the fragility of our flesh. What comfort!

However, Jesus’ humanity without His divinity is powerless to save. If He was only man, He might be able to sympathize with us, but He would not be able to offer us rescue. He might weep with us over death, but He could not offer us eternal life. He might love us, but He would not have had the authority to extend an invitation to us to enter behind the veil (Hebrews 10:20).

We desperately need a God who understands our humanity.

We also need a God who is not bound by it.

Thankfully, in the One True God, we have both.

In Lesson One, we explored the fact that Jesus was fully Man. Here, we will explore the reality that He was also, simultaneously and eternally, fully God.

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