Ep 159 The Culture of CAF: Addressing Sexual Assault in the Military


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Please note, this podcast contains references to sexual assault.

In this episode, Stephanie and Amar sit down with Leah and guest LGen (retd) Mike Day who served with Joint Task Force Two (JTF2) and Canada’s Special Operations Forces Command. The four discuss the issues surrounding the long-standing issue of sexual assault in the military. How did we get to this point? Why has this issue never been fully addressed? What, if anything can be done about it? Are there reasons to have hope?

This podcast was recorded on 5 May 2021 but was delayed due to technical issues.

You can watch Leah West’s testimony on these issues to the House of Commons Status of Women Committee hearing here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ts4d2XG3cZI

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