Intimacy Anorexia: A Hidden Addiction


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Intimacy is a hugely important part of human life. Intimacy allows us to develop deep connections with other people, and can significantly enhance and propel our relationships forward.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to easily develop intimate relationships with people. Those who have extreme difficulty maintaining or experiencing intimacy may have a condition known as intimacy anorexia.

In this episode, we’re going to discuss intimacy anorexia, its potential causes, and some treatments.

Intimacy is key for a happy lifetime and as a holistic coach, Michael Roth helps people to address any causes, triggers, or issues that arise in the entire mind-body system by fully acknowledging and addressing the problem.

Michael Roth is an experienced Holistic Addiction and Wellness Specialist. He is a certified Addictionologist with a specialty in compulsive behaviors and disorders, a Certified Sexual Addiction Recovery Coach, a Certified Intimacy Anorexia Coach, and a nationally Certified Life Coach. He is also an author and a speaker. He has been practicing in Ventura County, CA for over 34 years.

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