Episode 90 - Become A Force Of Nature


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Are you searching for a way out of the rat race? Are you feeling like time is running out? I’m sure you’ve seen…. EXPERTS PREDICT:?Only 8 Years Left of Wild Animals Only 12 Years Left to Stop Climate Death Almost Every Industry Currently On Top WILL CRASH In the Next 10 Years That Means: SAVINGS DON”T MATTER RETIREMENT DOESN”T MATTER COLLEGE DOESN”T MATTER NONE OF THAT CAN BE REAL IF WE LOSE THE NATURAL WORLD - IT’S A LIE WE ARE TELLING OURSELVES AS THE HOUSE BURNS DOWN EVERYONE’S 10 & 20 YEAR PLANS ARE MOOT IF THEY AREN”T REGENERATIVE & RESILIENT - It doesn’t matter how secure they are now. The stability we have now will not be here soon. Take Back the Tempo - it’s time to WAKE UP & WALK OUT of the burning building. We have a CHOICE still but time is running out. The predictions are just that PREDICTIONS - inaccuracy is expected but the direction is undeniable. It’s time we say NO MORE - We no longer accept the old story. It’s time for us each in our own lives to write a New Story. Get Informed - skip the mainstream media and start studying SOLUTIONS. Now this seems Hard. It seems hard to find & vet solutions online and even in person right now because there’s a panicked scraping of the bottom of the barrel currently with those hording the remains saying whatever comes to mind to stall the realization as long as possible. The fact is the governments, politicians, industries, fossil fuel industry, mining, industrial ag, big chem, et. they all have known what they are doing is destroying the planet for a long time. George Washington held American farmers in open disgust for their farming practices. Plato and Aristotle worried too. This is NOT a new story but a 10,000 year old habit that has destroyed the world, but that’s still only 5% of the story. 95% of our existence has been regenerative - homo sapiens had a compostable culture for 190,000 years. That’s who we REALLY are. The Info iS OUT THERE: Aboriginal, Indigenous Insights, Advanced Permaculture, Educational & High Performance Psychology, New Mycology, New Biology, New Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, etc. You need a New Story: HAVE YOUR PICK!! Get Active - We need to take action NOW today this week this month NOW. We can’t wait any longer or hesitate. EVERY MOMENT OF GROWTH AND EVERY REGENERATIVE ACTION HAS EXPONENTIAL POSITIVE EFFECTS RIGHT NOW. As we have lost over 50% of ALL LIFE the past century, nurturing life is NOT happening, so every foothold nature gets is HUGE and the rebirth of what is ALREADY LOST. BUT I don’t Have Time BUT I don’t have money BUT I don’t have energy BUT I don’t have support Whatever follows BUT is your limiting belief. THat’s part of the Old Story too. If you are hearing this, you are on the internet and have the same access to resources as I do. We CAN find a community of support online, we CAN educate ourselves, we CAN QUIT, We CAN LEAVE, We CAN CHANGE, We CAN BE FORCES OF NATURE. Become a FORCE of Nature - Restore Large Landscapes Regreen Deserts Restore Local Communities & Economies Restore the Oceans & Watersheds Provide Sanctuary for Biodiversity to Regenerate Redesign cities and urban areas to be regenerative It’s ALL POSSIBLE - I KNOW PEOPLE DOING IT. They’re my mentors, colleagues, peers, and leading examples - many of them are in my course. https://matt-powers.mykajabi.com/p/the-advanced-permaculture-student-online-signup-page

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